Time to remodel your bathroom design?

Does this picture look familiar to you?  Maybe you have been able to purchase a used home, but ended up finding mold and mildew accumulating around old wallpapers and bathroom decorum.  You are going to need a new bathroom design or remodeling job to make your new residence really feel like home, and the talented team at Plumbers 2U Boiler Repair & Shower Installation are just the people to reach out to for a job well done.

There are several different plumbing tasks that you could need done for a new restroom design:  shower or bathtub installation, toilet repair, re-tile, fixture & sink replacement, and much more.  If you are looking to change the entire look of your current bathroom or need more involved jobs like pipe relining services, then you should be searching for a master plumber or plumbing contractor with proof of credentials.  What makes them different is the clearance to write up blueprints for projects and lead more detailed procedures.  All plumbers should have extensive knowledge of plumbing codes for your city or county; however, as a contractor this information is even more important to keep in mind, as new developments could create more issues for existing systems if you are not careful while renovating.

What makes us at Plumbers 2U when it comes to bathroom remodels, is our commitment to detail.  We aim to not only create restroom spaces that are functional and affordable, but aesthetically pleasing as well.  It should be a place where you can really enjoy your down time, so why not get started with us today?  Call for a free quote.